Only 5,000  Silver Coins  Will Be Sold! Get Yours Now. 

An Electroneum Community Exclusive...Don't Miss Out!

This is an exclusive first issue. Each commemorative coin is minted from 99.9% pure silver and has been fashioned after the Electroneum virtual coin, ETN.

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    There's a hard cap of just 5000 coins being minted and sold, then the manufacturing dies are being destroyed, protecting your investment from deflationary mass production.
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    1 Troy oz. of .999 Silver makes this solid silver coin a precious metal collectible and a long-term asset in any investor's diverse portfolio.
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    Each coin comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity, verifying both its precious metal content and its status as part of this exclusive first issue.

Richard Ells

Electroneum Founder

I am super excited about Maisie and The Real Coin Company stepping up to create a .999 Silver Electroneum coin. I can't wait to see it, and I am first on the list to buy one!

We're Proud To Support charity: water

We are giving 10% of every coin purchase to charity: water to support their mission of improving health, boosting local economies, empowering women, and giving kids more time in school.

Maisie Raftery

The Real Coin Company

On behalf of charity: water, I'd like to extend to you my special thanks. With your help, charity: water will continue to build clean water solutions for millions of people in the developing world.

It's shocking that in the 21st Century, almost a BILLION people still do not have access to the simple, basic necessity of clean and safe drinking water. Your purchase today makes a real difference in the lives of others!