Only 5,000  Silver Coins  Will Be Sold! Get Yours Now. 

An Electroneum Community Exclusive...Don't Miss Out!

This is an exclusive first issue. Each commemorative coin is minted from 99.9% pure silver and has been fashioned after the Electroneum virtual coin, ETN.

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    There's a hard cap of just 5000 coins being minted and sold, then the manufacturing dies are being destroyed, protecting your investment from deflationary mass production.
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    1 Troy oz. of .999 Silver makes this solid silver coin a precious metal collectible and a long-term asset in any investor's diverse portfolio.
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    Each coin comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity, verifying both its precious metal content and its status as part of this exclusive first issue.

Richard Ells

Electroneum Founder

I am super excited about Maisie and The Real Coin Company stepping up to create a .999 Silver Electroneum coin. I've received my collector's coin and I'm delighted with its superior quality.

We're Proud To Support charity: water

We are giving 10% of every coin purchase to charity: water to support their mission of improving health, boosting local economies, empowering women, and giving kids more time in school. (We'll calculate the donation after paying for our materials and supplies.)

Maisie Raftery

The Real Coin Company

On behalf of charity: water, I'd like to extend to you my special thanks. With your help, charity: water will continue to build clean water solutions for millions of people in the developing world.

It's shocking that in the 21st Century, almost a BILLION people still do not have access to the simple, basic necessity of clean and safe drinking water. Your purchase today makes a real difference in the lives of others!